Наконечник стрелы, бронза, Персия, Малая Азия
1200 - 1000 л. до н.э.

из коллекции Алекса Гуттмана, продано на Christie's UK, 28 апреля 2004, торги 5524, лот 27.

Iran: Iron Age I. By I.N. Medvedskaya. Translated from the Russian by S Pavlovich. BAR International Series 126, 1982


Axel Guttmann was almost certainly the most powerful and examplary collector of antiquities that the last century had ever known. Right up to his untimely death on the 28th of October 2001, he had set ideals in ancient art collecting by private individuals, that in some instances could even be said to have surpassed the standards set in some state museums. Axel's Berlin Home housed his collection in a museum-like display, offering generous access to academic scholars and collectors alike. He was a man of great vision, being patron to the Royal Berlin Museums for over twenty five years, supporting their financial and other activities, as well as loaning personal collection material for their exhibits.

He loved collecting ancient militaria, and to his credit, studied such artefacts with the scholastic dedication of an academic, publishing inumerable papers in this area. A very intelligent man with broad interests in life, he was also a passionate collector of fine wine, furniture, paintings, and porcelain - as well as militaria and ancient weapons. His ancient weapon in particular, was highly impressive, originating from early Europe, the Mediterranean, and Near East. An all embracing cultural feat, dating from the 3rd millenium BC to the late Roman Period.

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