Упряжная геральдическая подвеска, средневековая Англия, ок. 1200-1400
A cast, copper alloy, shield-shaped medieval harness pendant, dating from c. 1200-1400.The face of the shield is decorated with a bird (possibly a peacock) going left. The wings and the tail display traces of well preserved red enamel, the body, head and legs traces of blue enamel and it's back and feathers on it's head apear to be green though much of the colour is missing. The background colour is no longer visible. There is a suspension mount in the centre of the upper edge of the shield, turned at 90 degrees to the plane of the main shield; The perforation in the suspension loop holds the remains of a suspension bar/pin. The pendant has a darkgreen patina. It is 42.5mm long, 25 mm wide and 3.4mm thick. It weighs 12.22gm. Reference: Saunders, P & E, Salisbury Museum Medieval Catalogue, Part 1, Fig. 1, No. 1. Other examples depicting similar birds are LIN-1EE252, WMID-BFE324, IHS-243983 and NMGW-B78883.

Date from: Circa AD 1200
Date to: Circa AD 1400

Dimensions and weight
Quantity: 1
Length: 42.5 mm
Width: 25 mm
Thickness: 3.4 mm
Weight: 12.22 g


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