Черешковый шипастый кремневый наконечник стрелы, бронзовый век Великобритании
A complete Early Bronze Age barbed-and-tanged flint arrowhead (c. 2500 BC to c. 1500 BC). Made from mid-grey flint, it is translucent at its tip and extremities of the barbs and tang. It is symmetrically triangular in plan with the narrow barbs swept back, parallel to the longitudinal direction. The tang is a square shape and the barbs are also square-ended. Both sides have been pressure flaked with invasive retouch. One side is marginally flatter in profile than the other with a small central portion remaining unflaked. The other side has been worked over its entire surface.

Length: 27mm; width: 14mm; thickness: 4mm. Weight: 1.1 grammes.

Similar flint barbed-and-tanged arrowheads are associated with the Beaker phase of the Early Bronze Age c. 2500 BC-1500 BC. This example fits into the sub-classification of Fancy barbed-and-tanged arrowheads described as Conygar Hill type (C. Butler 2005: 162-165, fig. 69, ref: 4) after H. S.Green (1980). These typically have square barbs and a square tang, with the barbs shorter or the same length as the tang. This results in the arrowhead having a slightly convex base.

Find of note status
This is a find of note and has been designated: County / local importance

Subsequent actions
Current location of find: Petersfield Museum - on loan until December 2014
Subsequent action after recording: In a private collection, recorded for academic use

Broad period: BRONZE AGE
Subperiod from: Early
Period from: BRONZE AGE
Date from: Circa 2500 BC
Date to: Circa 1500 BC

Dimensions and weight
Quantity: 1
Length: 27 mm
Width: 14 mm
Thickness: 4 mm
Weight: 1.1 g


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04 февраля 2018, 22:30

Овальный кремневый нож, Теннесси (США)

Черешковый наконечник стрелы, кремень, неолит, Сахара