Двулезвийный каменный сверленый боевой топор-секира,бронзовый век Великобритании
Stone (diorite) perforated waisted battle axe, lozenge-shaped in plan, sub-rectangular in profile and oval in section, with a faceted butt end and an expanded blade. The surface has been polished but is pitted slightly on one side and there is iron staining on the other side. The shafthole is circular in plan and hourglass-shaped in profile and is 22 mm in diameter and 32 mm in height. The axe is made of a weathered altered dolerite and the polishing and linear striations within the shafthole are distinctive and suggest that the axe was not permanently mounted on to a shaft, but continuously placed on and off, perhaps for ritual purposes.

Roe in PPS 32 (1966) classifies this type of battle axe into Stage V, similar to an example on page 209, Fig.6b, No.222, which is referred to as an 'intermediate' battle axe and part of the 'Codford St Peter' group with a shaped and angular butt type D. These axes are found in associated with Food Vessels and Wessex I culture, which is dated from c.2000-1650 BC.

Roe in Clough & Cummins (1979) illustrates a similar intermediate battle axe from Codford St Peter, Wiltshire on page 25, Fig.2, No.297 Wilt 80, but refers to Yorkshire as the 'cultural centre for battle axes' on page 26.

Fenton in Clough & Cummins (1988) illustrates a similar battle-axe from Perth on page 122, Fig.31, No.PBL13, which is referred to as an 'intermediate-developed' battle axe. This type of battle-axe is found mainly in southern Scotland and northern Britain.

Coope, Robinson & Roe in Clough & Cummins (1988) illustrate a similar battle-axe, in plan and profile, from Oakenrod, Rochdale on page 61, Fig.7, No.La 109.
Broad period: BRONZE AGE
Subperiod from: Early
Period from: BRONZE AGE
Date from: Circa 2100 BC
Date to: Circa 1500 BC

Dimensions and weight
Quantity: 1
Length: 110 mm
Height: 50 mm
Width: 40 mm
Weight: 360 g

Spatial metadata
Region: Yorkshire and the Humber (European Region)
County or Unitary authority: North Yorkshire (County)
District: Selby (District)

Discovery metadata
Method of discovery: Agricultural or drainage work
Discovery circumstances: Found while digging up potatoes in a field which is now an estate.
General landuse: Cultivated land


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