Каменный сверленый топор-булава, Великобритания, Линкольншир
A late Neolithic or Bronze Age perforated object, often known as a 'battle axe'. This axe was purchased by a collector and subsequently reported to the Lincolnshire FLO. The object is claimed to have been found in the 1970s somewhere along the Lincolnshire coast. The axe formed part of an 'old collection' for many years prior to reporting.

The object is made of a green-tinged black fine-grained basalt. The object is lozenge in plan with slightly rounded angles. At the 'cutting edge' the axe has a diamond-shaped, raised ledge that smooths towards the central hole. The central hole appears to be cylindrically drilled.

The object is very smooth and shows extensive wear all over. This 'soapy' appearence is suggestive of erosion by water, and this complements the apparent find spot.

The axe itself appears to be much smaller than the usual range of implements, and may be a votive item.

Weight: 285g. Dimensions 83 x 52mm.


Record created using photographs sent by the owner. Object not seen in person.

While the find spot remains unclear, a number of prehistoric axes are known from the beach around Skegness, where erosion is more acute. Included in HER data is another perforated axe. That said, while the size of the axe fits with others published in Fiona Roe's paper 'Stone mace-heads and the latest Neolithic cultures of the British Isles' in JM Coles and DDA Simpson eds. Studies in Ancient Europe, Essays Presented to Stuart Piggott, Leicester University Press, 1968, 144-72, there is nothing that resembles this object. There are decorated mace heads, but these usually consists of faceting ground to give a chequer-like effect: nothing like this. In view of the finds uncertain pedigree it might be fitting to express some caveat about it as it could be ethnographic.

Broad period: NEOLITHIC
Subperiod from: Late
Period from: NEOLITHIC
Subperiod to: Early
Period to: BRONZE AGE
Date from: Circa 2500 BC
Date to: Circa 1500 BC

Quantity: 1
Length: 83 mm
Width: 25 mm
Weight: 285 g

Region: East Midlands (European Region)
County or Unitary authority: Lincolnshire (County)
District: East Lindsey (District)
Parish or ward: Skegness (Civil Parish)


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Каменный сверленый топор, Краснодарский край, подделка