Кремневый нож. Мезолит. Озеро Урлор, Ирландия / Flint tanged flake from Urlaur
This was a tanged flint flake discovered while clearing stones in a tilled field. While Fredengren (2002, 114) and Gibbons et al. (2005, 44) have stated that this find was from the lake itself, the MNI files make it clear that the flake came from a mile from the lake on the eastern edge of the townland of Urlaur but not from Lough Urlaur itself (MNI file 1948:307) (Appendix 6). The finder gives accurate distances to two separate points, which suggests that the findspot mentioned is accurate. The eastern edge of Urlaur is defined by a small stream – as mentioned previously with the growth and encroachment of bog this may well have been a more substantial river in the Mesolithic. Little else has been found in the surrounding area (Appendix 6). The closest finds are from a few kilometres away – these are some axes and Bronze Age arrowheads, and no survey work appears to have been carried out in the area. The lack of finds stands in contrast to the extensive evidence of prehistoric monuments in the area.

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