Рубрика Палеолит

Скребло, ашель, Франция, Нормандия
Collected in Normandy (west of France)by local finders in 1970-75 (Old collection E. Doruard).


Area/context: Calvados (Normandy) West of Paris Basin.
Occupation area of neanderthal (-550 000 -41 000 BC) and Omo Sapiens (approx. -40 000BC)

Period: Acheulean (Upper paleolithic) (-550 000 / - 300 000 BC).

Type of artefact: Enormous Acheulean scraper.
Large retouchs on the active side of the tool - Nice white patina
Impressive and outstanding artefact

Patina very homogeneous and esthetic (the flint patina is a very good evidence to considerate the authenticity of prehistoric flint artefact. A very long period is necessary to get it (be careful of the recents imitations!).

Size/weight: 12 X 10 cms - 458 grs

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