Рубрика Неолит Сахары

Наконечники стрел, неолит Африки
This lot is composed of a diverse group of projectile point and tools forms. The lot consist of all the main types including stemmed, triangular, ovate, and unifacial and are mostly from the southwestern Sahara (Mauritania/Mali). There are four Algerian found Tidikelt points (Eiffel Tower) . There are also two Moroccan found unifacial blades (bottom row). These tools were used to hunt and process water fowl and other game in the now dried up lakes of the Sahara 4,000 years ago.

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Круглый скребок, неолит Сахары

Остроконечники (наконечники стрел или дротиков), палеолит (Атерийская культура) Сахары (Алжир)