Рубрика Ашель

Скребло или скребок, ашель, Франция, Гран-Прессиньи
Typology : Beautiful specimen of a Side and End Scraper.

Material : Honey color Flint. The famous local Flintstone was formed during the Turonian period, upper Cretaceus, circa 93.5 to 89 million years.

Cutting : The piece was created on a Flint flat pebble. Some flakes were cut all around to create the sub-triangular shape, both faces were left mostly cortical. The concave side, presenting the notch, was finely retouched. The opposite side was made as flat as possible, ensuring a strong and safe grip. The end of the piece was nicely retouched also. Evidence of useware is still visible.

Dating, hominid : This implement belongs to the Early Acheulean Culture (Lower Paleolithic period, circa 300 000 - 450 years ago), and was conceived by Homo HEIDELBERGENSIS ( European Erectus ).

Origin : Found in the region of the Grand Pressigny, France.

Sizes : 4 3/8 inches X 2 3/4 inches or 11 cm X 7 cm

Weight : 350 g

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Каменный сверленый топор, неолит Дании

Скребло, ашель, Франция, Нормандия