Рубрика Олдувай

Чоппер, олдувай, Франция, Гран-Прессиньи
Typology : Chopping Tool.

Material : Flint. The famous local Flintstone was formed during the Turonian period, upper Cretaceus, circa 93.5 to 89 million years. Some oddly shaped nodules are found, larger pieces are flat.

Cutting : This tool was made in a Flint nodule, from which a large flake was cut to create the cutting edge. A second flake was taken off to enlarge and strengthen the pointed tip. A few retouches are present along the edge. Naturally soft and rounded, ensuring a strong and safe grip, the rest of the piece was left cortical. Signs of useware are still clearly visible.

Dating, hominid : This implement belongs to the Pebble Culture ( Oldowan ; Lower Paleolithic period, circa 650 000 - 800 000 years ago), and was conceived by Homo HEIDELBERGENSIS (European Erectus).

Origin : Found in the reknown area of the Grand-Pressigny ; discovered in the Creuses ancient riverbed, where the Flint was polished in the turmoils of the sands and waters.

Sizes : 6 1/2 inches X 4 1/2 inches or 16.5 cm X 11 cm

Weight : 1060 g

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