Каменный шлифованный топор, неолит, Кембридж, Великобритания
A complete polished stone axe of Neolithic date. The stone is a fine grained dark grey stone with a weathered exterior, perhaps containing olivine and possibly from a source in the Lake District, although this is uncertain without further scientific analysis of the stone (pers. comm. Edward Martin, SCCAS). It is oval in shape with a sharp convex cutting edge and a slight notch in the blade, probably the result of post-depositional damage. It has been polished on all surfaces but pecking is still visible on the sides of the axe and there are several linear rust red plough scars on the surfaces. The entire axe measures 116.08mm in length, 60.28mm in width at blade end, 33mm in thickness, and weighs 315g. This axe is of Neolithic date or c.4000-2,500 BC.

Broad period: NEOLITHIC
Period from: NEOLITHIC
Period to: NEOLITHIC
Date from: Circa 4000 BC
Date to: Circa 2500 BC

Dimensions and weight
Length: 116.08 mm
Width: 60.28 mm
Thickness: 33 mm
Weight: 315 g
Quantity: 1

Materials and construction
Primary material: Stone

Spatial data
Region: East
County: Cambridgeshire
To be known as: Soham


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