Рубрика Неолит

Шлифованный кремневый топор, неолит-ржв, Суффолк, Великобритания
A modified polished flint axehead of Neolithic to Iron Age date. The original polished axe has been broken at each end where it has been re-worked and utilised as a hammer stone, a tool for abrasion or for similar purposes. In its current state the tool is oval shaped in section and sub-rectangular in form, expanding at one end and contracting at the other towards rounded ends. Evidence of the original polished axehead can be seen through the presence of flat sides that are heavily polished and with an off-white patina. Similarly, the carefully flaked convex faces of the object demonstrate the original form it would have taken prior to re-use. At each end the axe has been re-worked with extensive edge-retouch and numerous flake scars. The broader of the two ends would originally have expanded to a sharp and polished cutting edge, the opposing end narrowed further to where the axehead would originally have been hafted. The flint is grey with dark brown staining/patination and a mixed medium grey patinated surface. There are traces of occasional black flake scars probably resultant from modern damage. This object measures 87.59mm in length, 52.09mm in width, 30.25mm in thickness, and weighs 162.64g. The original polished axehead would have been produced during the Neolithic period (c.3500-2100 BC), with modification taking place during later phases of the Prehistoric period, perhaps extending as late as the Iron Age, c.800 BC-43 AD.

Broad period: NEOLITHIC
Period from: NEOLITHIC [scope notes | view all attributed records]
Period to: IRON AGE [scope notes | view all attributed records]
Date from: Circa 3500 BC
Date to: Circa AD 43

Dimensions and weight
Length: 87.59 mm
Width: 52.09 mm
Thickness: 30.25 mm
Weight: 162.64 g
Quantity: 1

Materials and construction
Primary material: Flint [scope notes | view all attributed records]

Spatial data
Region: East
County: Suffolk

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