Рубрика Мезолит

Кремневый топор-долото, мезолит, Кембридж, Великобритания
A small flint axe or chisel of possible Mesolithic to Neolithic date. It is triangular in form and section with pale grey patinated surfaces and formed from one large reworked flake that has had one or two flakes removed from it rather than being from a single core. The broader blade end is shaped by the removal of a single flake and both sides and blade end have limited crude edge retouch and flaking. On one face is a relatively large area of cortex and both faces have iron staining resultant from plough damage whilst in the ground. The object measures 95.92mm in length, 38.15mm in width at blade end, 19.99mm in maximum thickness, and weighs 72.42g. The relatively crude reworking of the object, combined with its patina, suggest that this object is of at least Neolithic date and possibly extending back further into the Mesolithic period. It is relatively small, however its form indicates probable usage as an axe or chisel.

Broad period: MESOLITHIC
Period from: MESOLITHIC
Period to: NEOLITHIC
Date from: Circa 8300 BC
Date to: Circa 2100 BC

Dimensions and weight
Length: 95.92 mm
Width: 38.15 mm
Thickness: 19.99 mm
Weight: 72.42 g

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Кремневый ланцетовидный наконечник, неолит, Африка (Сахара)